Hey there! My name is Shireen and I'm originally from the Pacific North West. Grew up mostly around the Seattle area and studied up in Bellingham, WA. I now live near Sacramento where I have started professionally giving tarot readings!

When I was thirteen a deck of Tarot cards was given to me. I started reading the meanings of the cards and within a year was doing my own readings. During my last years in high school I would bring my cards to parties and groups of friends would gather around. 

My readings were always interactive, everyone putting their opinions and ideas into what it could all mean. Sometimes readings would become quite silly as the group mood was shifting to something light. 

My family loved getting readings and it turned into a tradition that for their birthdays they would get a year ahead spread. 

Sometimes they would ask for a year ahead reading during New Years as well. 

During college I used the tarot to help remove writing blocks. Readings don't have to just  be about yourself, they can be about a book, blog or paper you're writing. 

I started studying psychology and was delighted to find great connections between our subconscious and the images in the cards.

There was a lot of moving around after college and my cards went where ever I went. 

After being settled for over a year now I decided it was time to reach out and offer my readings to anyone who was interested.