Who is this Fool and what is their Journey?

April 30, 2020

Why call a business the Fools Journey?! Within the tarot deck there are 21 cards that are called the major arcana cards. These cards represent universal journeys that every person will experience and move through in life. There is however another card numbered Zero which is called The Fool.

In the beginning of our lives we are like the Fool card, trusting, excited for adventure and walking forward with no cares in the world! In many decks the Fool is shown looking up while about to step off a cliff. My favorite drawing of the Fool is the one I use for my business. It shows this person gleefully jumping with all arms and legs flung back over a canyon.

As we move through the challenges and lessons of life at different points in time we return to the Fool. A delightful place to be, happy and full of hope and optimism. Ready to through ourselves into life will all our gusto and everything we have.

In a sense our innocence is the Fool who is journeying through life, learning lessons and growing from experiences.

It is from this view point that I do readings. Lets see where you are on a journey, we have discussions and let the cards show us ideas. I do sessions up to an hour with as many spreads as you need in that time. Usually after one spread there are deeper or more specific questions in our minds to ask.

If you are interested, have questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact me at fooljourneytarot@gmail.com, visit my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram!

Good luck and well wishes to all those Fools out there on their journeys.

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